In the moments when you’re away from your usual environment, your habit to be with the God in a place that is special for you, then with this moment you can do use it also by us.

Our hotel is fitted with a special oratory-chapel that is ecumenical and suitable for all confessions of your religion. Here you can also find peace and ecclesiastical refreshing – dedicate to prayers and find time for mediation. The chapel gives you a possibility to start solemn events with a church service or common prayer when such an event takes place at the hotel. In your prayers you’ll be able to use the Bible and – after some time – procedures of different prayers.

The chapel has a special aura – it was confirmed by the clergyman Jānis Bitāns. The room is decorated with a qualitative stained glass, oil lamps that are a very biblical luminary, a few altarpieces and icons. The stained glass that was made by the sister Ksenija uses the story of “Christ icon not made with hands”.

The chapel is located on the 2nd floor. All visitors of the hotel have the possibility to attend the chapel when they want and also other interested persons who have arrived at the “Promenade Hotel” may attend it.