Liepaja is a city of rich history. It has preserved the feeling of the ancient fisherman’s village Liva over nine centuries. The building, where the Promenade Hotel is situated today, plays its own important role in the history of fisherman’s, sailors’ and travellers’ town Liepāja.
Let’s imagine the year 1797... Two rich German merchants Lorenz Joachim Hüecke and Anton Witte are waiting for vessels bringing goods from all over the world. These goods are stored in the large red brick building, which belongs to the two partners. Mr Hüecke and Mr Witte have entered their names into history of the town as humanitarians and patrons of the arts. Their warehouses were inherited by other persons, but goods were stored there for more than one-and-half century.
The old warehouses revived in 2007 and took the image of a luxury hotel waiting for guests from all over the world. Promenade Hotel, however, is not a simple hotel, it contains also an art gallery and tells you on travellers and adventures. You can see yachts and small ships on the town channel in front of the hotel...