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Promenade Hotel Liepaja offers 58 individual design rooms, 7 elegant conference rooms with capacity for up to 200 persons. Each guest room in this design hotel is very special with individually developed interior design. The interior combines modern style with classical values and vintage details meet the up-to-date comfort. The natural materials used –wood, brick, steel and linen create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Five-star, design hotel "Promenade Hotel" is located in a historic brick building in the very heart of Liepaja, just a few metres away from the waterfront of the legendary Trade Canal, in steps from Baltic sea. 



category since 2008

category since 2008


Liepāja - a city with centuries worth of rich history. After being polished by the harsh winds of Courland and the white sand of the beaches for almost nine hundred years, the city still has preserved the unique charm of the old Līva village. "Promenade Hotel" is also a part of the old history of this city of maritime fishermen, sailors and travellers.


The history of the port vicinity reaches back to the beginning of the 18th century when two wealthy German traders - Lorenz Joachim Huecke and Anton Witte - organised extensive ship traffic waiting for the ships filled with goods from far away and exotic lands. The goods received - fabric, cereal and salt - were stored by the German traders in the large port spīķeris warehouse built from the dark red brick which has now become "Promenade Hotel".

Due to their contribution to the city, Huecke and Witte have written their names in the history of Liepaja not only as rich traders but also as benefactors and philanthropists who supported the development of the seaside city. A century and a half after the time of Huecke and Witte, the port spīķeris building served as a warehouse for the goods brought by the traders.


In 2007, the old spīķeris neighbourhood experienced its rebirth to greet the city guests from near and far, appearing in a new image. Now the port spīķeris built in the 18th century has turned into a hotel with a modern design, an elegant restaurant and an art gallery. "Promenade Hotel" is not only a hotel - it is a story about travelling far away which the dark red bricks, ancient wooden beams and floorboards continue to tell. Looking through the hotel windows, the ships at the waterfront of the port continue the old story about world travel which will always end with a journey home.